Citibank Routing Numbers in California – Guide

The Citibank routing number is a 9-digit number assigned to your Citibank checking account. This number can locate any of your accounts anywhere in the world. You can find Citibank routing numbers on most internet searches.

Northern California’s Citibank routing number is 321171184. The routing number in Southern California is 322271724.

For transfers within the United States, the Citibank wire transfer routing number is 321171184 or 322271724CITIUS33 is the SWIFT code for wire transfers outside the United States.

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What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is used when you send money overseas. It is a 9-digit number given to each of your accounts that you use to send money overseas. It is used when you send money to an account that is located in another country. The routing number helps to identify your account when you send money. Citibank has a Routing number for all of its customers.

How To Get My Citibank California Routing Number?

Citibank customers can find out about their routing numbers by calling their Customer Service department or by visiting the Citibank website. Once you know the routing number, you will be able to make a payment online or at a store or branch.

Wire Routing Number For Citibank In California

Wire transfers are a fast and simple way to send money across borders. Citibank is one of the most popular banks for making wire transfers. It’s not necessary to send checks or cash via mail. You can do it online.

There are some things you should know before making a wire transfer:

  1. Make sure you have the correct address.
  2. The sender’s address must be completely accurate.
  3. The sender must include the correct name, address, phone number, and email address.
  4. Your bank may have some additional requirements.
  5. Your address to your bank must be valid and in good standing.

Citibank in California requires that the sender provides the bank’s routing number that they want to use to send money.

Citibank Routing Number For ACH Transfers:

You’ll have to use an ACH route number if you want to send an ACH transfer to a Citibank account. Electronic withdrawals and transfers between financial institutions are made with the help of an ACH number.

In Northern California, the Citibank California ACH number is 321171184, while in Southern California, it’s 322271724.

How Many Digits Does a California Citibank Routing Number Have?

Citibank routing numbers are made up of 9 digits. If you open an account in California, your routing number will be 321171184 or 322271724.

All Citibank routing numbers will be nine digits long. If you are unsure whether your routing number is correct, contact your bank’s customer care. You can also verify the routing number on their website.

Is The Citibank California Routing Number The Same For Everyone?

The Citibank California routing number is the same for everyone. It’s the same no matter where you bank. To find out if your routing number is correct, you can visit their website to confirm it. You will also find your account information and transaction details on their website.

You can also check out your account online if you need to make a payment. You can also check your routing number online through the Federal Reserve.

Is the routing number the same for all Citibank banks?

All Citibanks have the same routing number. If you open an account at Citibank in a different state, your routing number will be different. For example, if you open a Citibank account in Florida, your routing number will differ from the number that you would see in a California branch of Citibank.

California’s routing numbers will be the same regardless of the city or municipality where the Citibank bank is situated. Northern and Southern California have various route numbers. However, if you open Citibank accounts in another state, your routing number will be different.

For California tax returns, what Citibank routing number should I use?

The Citibank routing number used for tax returns should be the same for direct deposit or electronic payments. Direct depositing your tax refund is faster and safer than receiving a check in the mail. You will most likely need to know your routing number to do so. 

Fortunately, locating your routing number is fairly simple. For their tax return, Citibank California bank accounts use the routing numbers 321171184 or 322271724. By checking your bank’s website or calling customer care, you may double-check that you have the correct routing number for your tax return.


In conclusion, routing Numbers are an important part of the banking system. They are a set of numbers that tell you where your money will go when it leaves your account. Please share this article on social media if you enjoyed it.


1. Can I find out the routing numbers for Citibank in California? 

Ans: You can find Citibank’s routing numbers in California. To find out the routing number, go to Citibank website.

2. Why do I need a routing number?

Ans: You need a routing number when you make an electronic deposit into your account. You will be asked for a routing number when you make an electronic deposit into your account.

3. Do all banks have routing numbers?

Ans: Not all banks use routing numbers. Some banks only use routing numbers if they are using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

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