Citibank Routing Number in New York – (Ultimate Guide)

Citibank is a prominent American financial institution with its headquarters in New York City. It was established in 1812 by Alexander Hamilton and is still operating today. Its customer service department is based on the Empire State Building, also known as “the world’s tallest building.”

The answer to your question is mentioned below:

  • For New York, Citibank’s routing number is 021000089. ACH routing number 021000089 is also used in New York.
  • If you make a wire transfer within the United States, the Citibank routing number is 021000089. SWIFT code CITIUS33 is used for wire transfers outside of the United States.

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What Is a Routing Number?

It is a 9 digit code that identifies the branch, the branch’s correspondent bank, or the payment processor where you want your check to go. The first three digits of the routing number are used to identify the bank or branch.

The next two digits identify the bank’s region, and the last four digits identify the branch. The routing number is used to direct ACH deposits. The routing number is unique to each bank.

Is there a way to get my Citibank New York routing number?

I am sure you have heard of the routing numbers, but you may be wondering how you can get your own. This guide explains the process of getting the routing number from Citibank.

  • The Citibank routing number can be found in the bottom left corner of your monthly statement.
  • Additionally, you can also call the customer service department. When you do so, you’ll simply ask for the routing number.

Citibank’s New York wire routing number

Wire transfer is the easiest and fastest way to send money from one place to another. Many banks and credit unions offer wire transfer services. You can make a wire transfer from Citibank to any other bank account.

If you want to use a wire transfer service within the united states, the routing number is 021000089. Additionally, wire transfers made outside of the United States to a USA account have a routing number of 021000089. The SWIFT code for Citibank is CITIUS33.

For international transactions, there may be a minor change in the code. A SWIFT code is also required for transfers outside the United States.

Citibank Routing Number For ACH Transfers

You will need an ACH routing number if you want to send an ACH transfer to a Citibank. In order to withdraw funds from one financial institution to another, the ACH routing number is needed.

ACH routing number 021000089 belongs to Citibank New York.

How many digits are there in a Citibank routing number?

If you want to open an account in New York, your Citibank routing number will be 021000089, which has 9 digits.

All Citibank routing numbers will be 9 digits long. If you have any doubts about whether your routing number is correct, contact your bank’s customer care. You can also double-check their routing number by visiting their website.

Does everyone have the same Citibank Routing Number?

For New York Citibank bank accounts, there is just one routing number. Everyone in New York, provided they opened their account in New York, will have the same routing number.

This also implies that your New York Citibank bank account will have the same routing number regardless of where you live. As a result, even if you created your accounts in different New York boroughs or towns, you will have the same routing number as your neighbors.

If you relocate, your routing number will very certainly remain the same. So, if you created a Citibank account in New York, chances are it will stay the same if you relocate to another state.

Is the routing number the same for all Citibank banks?

The routing numbers for all Citibank branches are not the same. Depending on where you started your account, your routing number will differ. Those opened in New York may have a different routing number than accounts opened in Florida.

Routing numbers in New York will be the same regardless of the city or town in which the Citibank bank is located. Your routing number will change if you create a Citibank account in a different state.

For New York tax returns, what is the Citibank routing number?

The Citibank routing number used for tax returns should be the same for direct deposit or electronic payments. Directly depositing your tax refund is faster and safer than receiving a check in the mail.

You will most likely need to know your routing number to do so. Fortunately, locating your routing number is fairly simple. For their tax return, Citibank New York bank accounts use the routing number 021000089.

By checking your bank’s website or calling customer care, you may double-check that you have the correct routing number for your tax return.


In the end, Citibank Routing Number is the identification number that your financial institution has assigned to your checking account. Most banks set this number when they open an account for you. So, if you want to change your Citibank Routing Number in New York, you must contact Citibank.


1. Where can I find the Routing Number? 

Ans: You can find the Routing Number on your monthly statement.

2. What happens if I lose my Routing Number? 

Ans: Your account may be temporarily closed until we can locate it.

3. How do I change my Routing Number? 

Ans: You can call your bank and ask them to change your Routing Number.

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